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Our People Build and Scale our Success

In construction, as in most industries, your people are your business. At DeSimone, we’ve been fortunate to have excellent employees and to build a great team over the course of our history. Now that you’ve […]

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Al DeSimone Makes DeSimone Rock Solid

As we approach our 50th year in business, we’ve instituted this blog to share more about our company’s history, people, purpose, and processes. So far, you’ve read about our Founder Dennis DeSimone and you’ve learned […]

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Technology Masters the Details

My Story: An Entrepreneur at Heart In many ways, my story parallels that of my Uncle Dennis. I too grew up visiting construction sites; not with my grandfather, but with him and my dad as […]

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Dennis DeSimone: From Biology Major to Construction Master

In our first issue, I discussed our company’s history. In this issue, I’d like to share more about our founder, my uncle Dennis DeSimone… and tell a bit more of his story. Family Business Founder […]

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DeSimone: A Look Back On Almost 50 Years In Business

DeSimone A Look Back On Almost 50 Years In Business

As DeSimone prepares to mark 50 years in business in 2024, we’ve spent some time recently reflecting on our past, evaluating our present, and considering our future. This contemplation will lead to changes you’ll be […]

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