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Monthly Archives: March 2021

Rastelli's Office Expansion

Rastelli’s Office Expansion

When Rastelli Foods Group needed to expand its office space to meet its staff’s future needs, the company contracted with DeSimone Construction to make its new office complex exceptional! This new 12,000 square foot structure at 300 Heron Drive in Swedesboro, NJ, features a grand skylit atrium, creative lighting design, frosted glass office walls, and contrasting yet complementing metal, wood and other finishes that impress occupants and visitors alike.

As an industry leader in the food processing industry, supplying the finest hotels, restaurants, institutions, and retail markets with the highest quality food products and service, Rastelli Foods Group values and wants the best for its employees. As such, the company kept their wellbeing in mind as it merged technology and design to create this new work space. As noted in Corporate Wellness Magazine, “Lighting is an essential part of the workplace. Reduced exposure to natural light at work may cause fatigue, moodiness, headaches, and even sleep disturbances. These not only compromise productivity but also lead to long-term health problems including depression and cognitive decline.” Rastelli’s new office complex not only provides exposure to natural light, but encourages employees to occasional look up and remember that the sky’s the limit!

The new complex features three hi-tech conference rooms, 14 fixed and 32 modular offices, 46 workstations, four restrooms, and a modernized kitchen, all stylishly furnished with form and function in mind. As Rastelli also sets goals to increase its sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint across several aspects of its business, DeSimone Construction mastered every detail to ensure the new space was not only comfortable, but also energy-efficient and sustainable.

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Photos of This Project